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Angel's Landing Campground

Angels Landing Channel 36 TV Commercial Advertisement 
 Price list Agreement

Please circle time spot and price

5 Second Spot             6 Months $100.00            1 Year $150.00 

 10 Second Spot            6 Months $125.00             1 Year $175.00

20 Second Spot            6 Months $150.00             1 Year $200.00

30 Second Spot            6 Months $175.00             1 Year $225.00

40 Second Spot            6 Months $200.00             1 Year $250.00

50 Second Spot            6 Months $225.00              1 Year $275.00

60 Second Spot            6 Months $250.00              1 Year $300.00

Client sign ____________________________Date ___________

Representative sign________________________ Date________

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Angel’s Landing Channel 36 TV Commercial Agreement
1556 Viper Rd
Pineville SC 29468 

Date:__________________________.        Number:____________________

This TV Commercial Agreement is made & registered between :
_____________________________________________________, hereinafter referred as the client party. Angel’s Landing Campground, Owner Al Jones, Manager Chad Odenwelder, Media Specialist Carole Hinten, 1556 Viper Rd Pineville SC 29468 (800)315-3087 hereinafter referred as the TV commercial Channel 36 the client party is willing to employ the service of the Angel’s Landing Channel 36 for promotion the sales & marketing business on our compound television network is agreed to serve the client party on the offered fees. This channel is available only to those on our campground. 
Angels Landing channel 36 to render service in connections with advertising planning preparing and placing of advertising for certain of advertisers products as follows:
A. Analyze advertisers current and proposal products and services and present and potential markets.
B. Create prepare and submit to advertisers for its prior approval Advertising ideals and programs.
C. Prepare and submit to advertisers for prior approval estimates of costs and expenses associated with proposed advertising ideals and programs.
D. Design and prepare or arrange for the design and preparation of advertisement.
E. Order advertising space time or other means to be used for publication of advertisers, advertisement at all times endeavoring to secure the most efficient and advantageous rates available.
F. Proof for accuracy and completeness of insertions displays broadcast or other forms of advertisements.
G. Audit invoices for space time material preparation and charges.
This contract is effective from ____________________ and is ending on __________________

Duties of the Advertising Agency

The client party will pay $_________________ for producing the commercial advertisement including the fee of script development and processing charges your ad will run for _____________ Sec. and will be charged the amount of $___________________
The TV commercial agency will be responsible for providing the quality work and broadcasting the commercial on angle landing channel 36. Broadcasting your ad will rotate 24hrs a day, 7 days a week though out are campground on channel 36. and 7am till 2pm in store on 2 TV’s and will be seen at least four times a day.

The total amount due for these services ____________________

This clause can be considered canceled if any dispute is encountered due to monetary or any other reason. Commercial air time must be paid up until cancellation notification. 

Client sign ___________________________________________ Date _________________________

Representative sign____________________________________Date_________________________