Angel's Landing Campground

angel's landing waterfront restaurant on lake moultrie

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Come See Us by boat or car.

Since 1979, Angel's Landing Restaurant has been the perfect destination. Come by boat or car for an affordable breakfast or lunch with unbeatable scenery, a waterfront view. An hour from Charleston and Columbia, we have travelers looking for authentic Southern cuisine and outdoor recreational adventure and fun with their family fishing on wide open lakes.
For to-go orders or to have your order ready for you when you get here, call us 1-843-351-4274 or


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Restaurant & Marina 1-843-351-4274
or 1-800-315-3087

1556 Viper Rd. Pineville, South Carolina 29468

Angel's Landing Restaurant 

1556 Viper Rd.

Pineville, SC  29468

For daily specials call us 1-843-351-4274 or